Sunday, March 18, 2012


With a rainy weekend there wasn't much that happened. I'm keeping myself busy day dreaming though.

The following is an article from the end of October last year. The secretary told me she would make a color copy for me but it wasn't until like a week ago that she finally remembered somehow. Better late than never. I was quite pleased.


I've been many times so I don't go often except when I need to initiate new people to the glory of the fall. The 10 meter height is a rush to jump from. But the locals would surely scold you for swimming there.

The article shares the legend regarding this water hole from a 91 year old man who lives nearby. A giant snake got angry at the locals for fishing too much in the pool so people believe its taboo to swim in the waters. There is a fear that the giant snake will attack you. The secretary told me I shouldn't swim there and others won't even speak of the water hole when asked. Maybe someone died there long ago and I don't know how haunted it really is.

But as George once said, whatever lives in those deep waters must be a benevolent creature as there have yet to be any foreigner causalities.

Niko Water Hole

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Thunder Heart said...

Great story. There must be some truth in there somewhere. Keep investigating.

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