Monday, March 12, 2012

Shroud of Clouds in Haruyama Part 3

After I found the red bridge I was heading back toward the main road. It was growing late and my nose was levying death on itself. I spotted an odd looking sign and pointed in at a fork in the road. I didn't think much of the sign because I couldn't read the name. The road curved down a slight slope and then across the river. It was dark and shadowy from the trees and overcast sky. What I saw when I drove across the bridge was a true find. Up broad wide steps that were built with large boulders sat an old shrine.

IMG_0054_Haruyama Valley

Not ancient but not new either. I took off my shoes and walked up the dull colored steps. The floor creaked and bemoaned my heavy steps. Being alone there was mysterious. The carvings along the top woke up. Intricate dragons and cranes were gazing at me wondering where such a person had come from.

IMG_0048_Haruyama Valley

It was dark inside. Gloomy and dusty.

IMG_0045_Haruyama Valley

Concrete, metal, and consumerism don't speak when they are silent.

This is where you hear and feel Japan.

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Mom said...

What a find! This makes me want to come to Japan even more....history and beauty meet modern man/woman. Who commissions these shrines to be built? Do the common people have shrines built on their land? Lots of questions. love you!

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