Friday, March 9, 2012

Shroud of Clouds in Haruyama Part 2

So just how far away was that waterfall I wanted to go to? Just a short hike over there!


I knew I wasn't going anywhere near that on Wednesday. This filled my mind with a great delusions of adventure however. So rather than try to spend anytime hiking toward the fall, I thought it was in my best interest to see if I could find the stream coming down the fall that flowed into the main river along the valley I had driven up originally. The road was up really high from the valley floor so I was going to have to coerce my lazy self down the valley walls.

I didn't realize for a long time that these logs were shitake mushroom farms even though I had seen them in many other places. It was probably last summer when the principal at school was telling me how they were going to grow mushrooms on logs that I found out.

IMG_0019_Haruyama Valley

IMG_0021_Haruyama Valley

Shortly before this mushroom cage was an old house that had collapsed. It wasn't worth exploring because the rotten timbers and roof were all in the way. I don't care for any rusty nail protrusions gouging me. Along the road the valley opened up and it was clear that in the recent past it had been clear cut. Many young sugi trees quietly stood in random arrays, slightly distanced from one another. It was going to be a long way down which meant a long way back up that I wasn't sure I was committed for. Then I channeled some of the great explorers and knew they would be ashamed of me so I headed toward the sound of crashing water.

IMG_9961_Haruyama Valley

Luck and intuition go hand in hand. A little bit of both go a long way. I found this confluence at the bottom. I'm pretty sure the stream feeding in from the right is the one I should follow to hike up to the waterfall. I'd say a bit of good luck. To the top left was one of the best water sprays I've seen.

IMG_9968_Haruyama Valley

I couldn't stop watching this natural trance. We did part ways eventually and I went a little farther down the river until I decided I wasn't going anywhere. I broke a sweat climbing back up to my car.

Sometimes my scouting missions are much more fruitful than I ever expect them to be. Little gems pop up here and there that I never expect. I saw something red out of the corner of my eye and couldn't refuse to go take a look. I knew what it was.

IMG_0023_Haruyama Valley

Can't say no.

IMG_0025_Haruyama Valley

Built in 1978, I wonder how long it will last and who ensures the structural safety of these seemingly random placements? Guess it will be assessed whenever the first accident occurs.

IMG_0026_Haruyama Valley

What a great Wednesday that was. I paid for it dearly with the pollen I inhaled while out exploring in the hills. It destroyed me Wednesday night and through today. I feel better but now I'm scared what will happen if I return to the pollen infested jungles. I might just have to sacrifice my sinus cavities, mainly the left one for the sake of exploring uncharted territory. There is one more thing to add about Wednesday but here is my post script for now.

IMG_0040_Haruyama Valley

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