Monday, March 5, 2012

Power Tunnel Going Nowhere

Back into another day and my flashcards awaited me. My hand will probably be stuck in a cramped position in a year. After going through about 400 vocabulary I could hardly focus and had to stop for the day. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. I can only maintain so long until I desire a much needed distraction. This usually amounts to reading the world news. Putin was reelected and Rush Limbaugh apologized for calling a woman a "slut".

When I lost my interest in that I started reading blogs.There is a reason I've never read much fiction. I've always been drawn toward reality in literary forms. I like first hand experiences and stories. I suppose fiction is birthed from real life experience though. So what of reality is purely original and not tainted by longing, desire, and imagination? When I'm out somewhere far from anyone else, my mind relives a tale that isn't its own. I have an experience to speak of but was it really mine to begin with?

With such heavy thoughts on my mind I couldn't stand to just return home and eat dinner. With the days growing longer and longer there is time after work. I wanted to see water draining off the hills from the past two days of rain. This power plant always feels slightly out of place in this valley. It's just there.

IMG_9873_Hodono Power Plant

It almost looks like it isn't being used. However, if you look inside it's kept very nice with several large generators humming gently in the floor. I wish I could take a power washer to the moss and algae festering on so many buildings. That would be fun. I like how much more sullen the buildings looks, though, after they acquire a grimy coating. The strangest thing I noticed today was this tunnel they recently built into the hillside.

IMG_9880_Hodono Power Plant

At first I drove by and kept going but I knew I wanted to have a record of seeing the tunnel open. Any tunnel intrigues me. There lots of old tunnels all over the countryside that are either closed off or hardly used. I took a picture of the construction sign so I could figure out later what the purpose is.

IMG_9878_Hodono Power Plant

I like to think there is some special at the end of that tunnel. Deep inside I know that it's just a dead end with a dirty wet floor. I'll just imagine the possibilities.

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