Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eerie and Maybe Odd

Why do I keep thinking its spring?  It's clearly closer to summer.  I guess the weather needs to melt my body before I feel like its summer.  The nights are rather cool still.  I can't get enough of it.  

I was able to see the Venus transit not once but three times today. No matter how blue and beautiful the morning sky is, I often have to put up with its ashen over tones by early afternoon.   Alas, I just find a forest to hide in and I won't know the difference.  I found myself back in one of my favorite areas today.  I still haven't nailed down the finite aspects of the terrain in my mind.  That was apparent when I descended too early to the bottom of the valley.  I was traversing slippery ledges and rocks when I realized where I was.  It was fine.  I love breaking a sweat and clambering over random terrain.  I'm not sure what I was hoping or expecting to find today.  Perhaps there wasn't anything of great importance other than the fact of being out.  That is usually what my excursions are about.  No purpose in particular other than to enjoy what is all around me, the things not many others seem to care much about.  I often run into locals who don't give a care about mountains or nature.  While we were desensitizing ourselves to modern cities, those individuals were doing the exact opposite.  I can't say I would turn out the same and I like to think I wouldn't.

Imagine It Anywhere

That image could have been anywhere. Sometimes being alone in the forest is creepy.  I think it's the traces and reminders of what was once there.  Sometimes it's just the completely peculiar object or thing that seems so out of place.  Glowing bark is a new one for me.

Electro Bark

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