Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lights of Sapporo

I have no idea where these lanterns were in Sapporo. They weren't next to the Ramen Yokocho though.

Lanterns and Yokocho

The Ramen Yokocho is a collection of many ramen restaurants in a narrow corridor. As big as the sign was it took me awhile to get to the right place. There is a newer Yokocho that threw me off. It wasn't nearly as good as the original but I never planned to eat there anyway. I ended up having some delicious ramen that night. Miso butter corn ramen to be exact. It was heavenly.

IMG_0092_hokkaido 12-2011

I then drifted out into the night and ate ice cream in the frosty Sapporo air.

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Thunder Heart said...

Will we get to participate in some Miso butter corn ramen? I sure hope so!

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