Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who Notices?

It's hard to think that it's June now.  The rainy season will be upon us all.  Most people don't like the continuous rainy weather.  I surprise people when I tell them that I like it.  It's some of the most splendid sleeping weather ever.  The sound of the river murmuring outside is soothing.  The frogs and insects hum and croak.  The fresh cool air gently blows through the windows.  Even if I can't get outside during the day, I can rest easy at night knowing the simple attributes of nature are there to lull me away. 

As we grow up we probably forget to pay closer attention to everything around us. 

Everyday when I'm on my way home I make the effort to really look at everything.  Sometimes I have moments that make me very happy even in the smallest of ways. There is a small shed for baseball and other equipment outside the school.  I happened to notice earlier in the week that a small frog was hanging out in the gutter of that shed.  I thought it was strange the frog was in there.  On Friday I checked to see if it was still around.  Sure enough it was.


Even in a grimy gutter you might find something unexpected.  Always keep an eye open.


AJ and Kim said...

very true. it seems as though we intentionally to and not pay attention to anything around us. rather, we choose to fill our lives up with whatever we can find. when was the last time i saw anyone just walking or sitting instead of walking with earbuds, or a phone, or whatever?

this post makes me ponder all these things and what it means.

blaine said...

One of the things I have enjoyed (and struggled with at times) is the isolation. I feel like I can step out and just be away from it all.

But as our phones get more advanced we are taking our computers, video, and music players with us wherever we go.

I use my computer a lot but when I'm out of the house I really am connected to what is there in front of me. I like this detachment. Finding a balance with our modern age and this aspect is important. If we are always plugged in wherever we go, it's easy to forget the world is even there.

Thanks for you comment. I love comments from anyone ;D

inom1923 said...


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