Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mound

I keep returning to the same places time and time again because I tend to find new things.  The other day was no exception.  In the middle of the valley was a large rock formation. On top of that was a peculiar little assembly of stones.

Mystery Mound

I've seen lots of rock walls and other similar scenes of rocks.  I have never seen a rectangular and uniform pile of rocks in the middle of any forest in Japan however.  When my eye first caught a glimpse it was surprising and then afterward I started to feel a weird sensation.  Maybe it was just the wax build up in my ears echoing my heart beat. It was definitely mysterious in a way.  The sun had just then broken through the overcast skies and was illuminating the leaves. The strong yellow green glow was surreal.  As I inched closer it felt like I approached a sacred grove.

The Burial Grove

I got close to the mound and checked to see if I could figure out its purpose. It was extremely suspicious being in the middle of this remote valley.  As I got to the side and looked at the top, I had strange feelings.  I felt a bit scared.  But what was there to be scared of? It was just a pile of rocks or was it? Due to the omniscient aura hanging in the air I had to leave.  I may never know its purpose and I find it better to just imagine.

No More Laughter

So let the ages pass and let the metal rust.  Nobody will ever know what has been left behind.


AJ and Kim said...

that mound gives me the creeps just looking at it! your pics are so beautiful - love the hiking post, although i hate hate hate snakes...

blaine said...

It's strange how such a mundane mound of stones made me feel the same way. When things are out of place they can really set your mind spinning.

Thanks for the picture love. In the future this blog will serve as a great record of my life. The pictures help to tell that story.

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