Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After the Rains

One more rainy day and I'm going to lose my mind. At least it cleared off in the afternoon. I've hated being stuck inside all the time. I figured there might be some crabs hanging out on the walls by the river after all the rain so I went out to greet the mosquitoes and twilight. There weren't any crabs like I had seen in earlier summer so I was a bit disappointed. I tried to find anything else interesting around the river. It was all pretty mundane. Concrete walls and weeds. Then on my loop back up to the house I came across some dew soaked beauties. My monthly flower allowance has been met and this is deserving.

Tattered Petal Parasol

Tomorrow could be worthwhile. The waterfalls will be blasting. I have no choice but to go.

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