Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clearing Foggy Heads With River Water

I survived a mind numbing few days at school this past week. It all came out for the best though. I was able to accomplish a lot and motivate myself to get back into the swing of things. I bought a new bread pan this weekend and made a giant loaf of white bread. That came out very nicely. It's good to bake some bread after a break for a few months. I want to make a marbled rye loaf next week and I think I'm on track for that to happen.

Last week I had wanted to swim in the river after the stone skipping competition but I ran out of time. I found this nice picture on the depths of the internet. Okay so it wasn't that random. Some guy had interviewed me about the contest and I let him put me up on the page. It's about local events it seems but I can't imagine anyone really visits the page. Who knows...

I was determined to get out swimming this weekend. I was a little unsure of the conditions because of a dumping of rain we endured over the past few days. It rained so much. That can make the river a bit unsuitable for swimming. The strong current doesn't necessarily encourage great swimming. However, I was set on getting into the river regardless of how fast it was flowing. Sounds kind of scary. Trust me though, everything was fine

Calm but Rushing

The river turns to an interesting shade of green after heavy rain. The water remains relatively clear even with the hillsides draining into the stream. This picture is highly misleading. That water was really flowing through that part. It's shallow enough walk around without the water going over your head. It was a little too strong, however, to walk very far up the stream. I had a good time walking for a little up the stream and then catching a nice ride on the current. I took my mask so I could see under the water. I should have collected some of those stones for the competition last week. It crossed my mind but I thought it might be cheating.

Choppy Rocky Blocks

This was the first time I came down to this part of the river. I don't usually like to hang out by the river because it's by the road and I feel exposed. Why should I care? I'm going to start spending more time down by the river day dreaming and thinking. It relaxes me and feels good. I love the water. On the way back up to the car I ran into this little guy.

Skinkin' Around

I slowly reached into my bag to pull out my camera. I half expected him to dart away before I could get a close up. The skinks and little lizards are skittish. He let me get really close. He was breathing hard hoping I would go away and I was hoping he would stay. I've seen these little lizards so many times by now but I also enjoy an intimate encounter. Thanks for making my day even better.

Skinkin' On Moss

Christy wanted me to write something about me. All I know is that me refers to I and if a student asked me to explain it, I wouldn't know how. Thanks for reminding me that I don't know anything about English. I'll ponder that down by the river.

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Matt said...

Hi Blaine,
Thank you for your comment. Nice to hear from you again and to remind me to look at your wonderful photography once more. i must say you sound like a brain remembering so much kanji ;-)
Looking forward to the fall colours too. Who knows, maybe i could pay you a visit?
Keep up the good work! :-)

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