Monday, September 10, 2012


I wasn't going to do anything on Saturday so thankfully I was invited to visit Matsuyama for the day with some friends. I had never been and wanted to at least see the Bocchan Train before my time is up in Japan. Well I did see but actually wasn't that interested. I just wanted to live the 2nd year English textbook section about the trip to Matsuyama. I think I hit everything they did in the book and more. I hope they rode up the lift to the castle because it would have been a tiring walk. I probably would have walked up if I was alone. I liked the chair left and wanted to go skiing after riding it.

Matsuyama Castle Lift

Matsuyama Castle is somewhat famous in Japan, I think. I'm too lazy to double check that statement but it might fall into a similar category as Kochi Castle.

Matsuyama Castle

It has a nice feudal feel to it. More so than Kochi Castle. It is also perched on a hill in the middle of Matsuyama which gives a great view of the surrounding environs and the sea.

Matsuyama Castle Entry

I was dripping sweat when we got to the top. I wished no photographs were taken of me with lower chest sweat marks. They look oh so beautiful.

Matsuyama View

We drove to the other side of town to visit the famous Dogo Onsen. It is known throughout Japan because of how old it is. It was partial inspiration for a movie bath house. We went there half expecting not to go in but after sitting in front of the building for awhile we figured, why not? It was completely underwhelming as I had read. You only go there to say you went there. Give me back those outdoor baths in the mountains of Nagano or Hokkaido.

Then we ate sushi. Way too much sushi but I was thankful. If it quits raining I might have better pictures to look at. Bare with me!

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