Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Giving to the Gods in Tsubayama

Oh what another blue morning and I was filled with joy. But the usual happened. The afternoon clouded over and brought us under a blanket of dashed optimism yet again. At least it wasn't raining or I would have been left to get my life in order at home once and for all. It was more likely the couch would once again great me with open arms. I've been to Tsubayama valley quite a few times in the past few months. I'm not sure what I'm looking for there. I think it holds some mysterious promise in my mind. Whenever I look at Goshiki I wonder what possessed me to go on an errant climb through the forest and mountains. The real answer to my question is that Tsubayama feels like the closest step to another time. The traces of the dwindling inhabitants remain. Yet, just like going up to Goshiki, one is reminded of how few have been into the bottom of the valley. I scrambled down through my favorite garden of sugi trees. I was already complaining of the walk back up...

 9-16 Tsubayama_0005

With all the recent rain the stream was flowing rather heavy. Not heavy enough to keep me from going into it though. It never occurred to me that it might be good to secure my tripod while I was making my way through the quasi rapids. As I perched on a stone to reach my foot to a viable location that wouldn't sweep me away, the tripod slipped off my backpack and was thrown into the churning stream. I watched it float away trying to see where it went. I went back to look but it was futile. The gods claimed my tripod. It must be the sacrifice for a new one then. That sounds right.

9-16 Tsubayama_0006

Yes. I really did want to find it. It had been my trusty friend for many a situation. Alas it drowned in that wild stream. I wouldn't want it to rest anywhere else.

9-16 Tsubayama_0002

I had wanted to see the view from this spot for some time. I was hoping it would be easier to see up where the water was coming down some rocks. This water feature is after a narrow deep pool. I wanted to swim in that deep pool. Truth be told, these pools kind of scare me. No matter how clear and clean they are, I feel like something terrible is going to break out of the rocks and take hold of me. I swam close to the background. The intensity threw me back. There was no use. The pool in the foreground was pleasant enough for today. I cast my view down the stream and was confused.

9-16 Tsubayama_0008

The glare made it seem as though the river had turned to rock. No short time later and I was drudging up the steep valley walls to make my triumphant return home. It was good timing because the rain was floating into the canyon on the looming clouds. But back in the good old land of home there was no rain to crush my spirit. The slightly foggy river set my vision straight.

Kamiyakawa River

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I love the pool picture with the little stream in the background and the single pine. Great shot.

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