Friday, September 28, 2012

Where the River Bends

The rice fields have yellowed over and the farmers are working hard to hang the harvest.

IMG_3157_9-26 Niyodogawa River

What was a mere instant of humid weather evaporated into cool mornings and nights. Oh how I've longed for high pressure. It's been too infrequent for my mind and soul. The rivers glow with an unbelievable green in the blue skies of autumn. From afar it looks like algae plumes gone astray. Don't be fooled. Get close and peer into the shallow depths where the slender fish swim. That is if you can find them.

IMG_3154_9-26 Niyodogawa River

Submersible bridges wading in the shallows much the same. The fishermen are trying to track their catch. They all are the best of friends but long time foes.

IMG_3161_9-26 Niyodogawa River

I would love to steal one of the boats and ride the river. I would let my skin turn ruddy from the bright sun. I wouldn't really care.

IMG_3168_9-26 Niyodogawa River

You won't really believe what you see. But they call it Niyodogawa blue for a reason.

IMG_3179_9-26 Niyodogawa River

A great secret of nature. Man has made sure to explain it clearly.

IMG_3180_9-26 Niyodogawa River

In the still neck of the river. A man and his boat sliced the water. I couldn't resist. Maybe a trespass on my part.

IMG_3220_9-26 Niyodogawa River

How was the catch today? He didn't say.

IMG_3217_9-26 Niyodogawa River

In Japanese they say the sky is high but when I was asked to translate, a suitable phrase escaped me. Then looking here I realized I knew it all along. Endless sky.

IMG_3228_9-26 Niyodogawa River

Out of the classroom spills passive aggressive Chinese hate. At least for the day, the fisherman and I felt no such state.

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