Monday, May 27, 2013

Ine Due Time

After the morning stroll out to the light house I continued along the coast line down to the village of Ine.

IMG_7348_2013 Nagano Trip

This village wraps around the natural harbor snugly. Even in stormy weather the water level barely rises as indicated by a sign. But it isn't the harbor that makes this village famous.

IMG_7352_2013 Nagano Trip

The seagulls were scavenging for the early morning fish remains while the workers packed up crates of fish bound for the shops of JR Kyoto.

IMG_7355_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7365_2013 Nagano Trip

Fishing ports and harbors feel like garbage dumps. The refuse of labor you could say.

IMG_7374_2013 Nagano Trip

I was quite pleased as I strolled the narrow road along the coast. Houses on the left and right. Early morning risers like myself greeted me with cheery smiles. But Ine is known for the garages that are directly connected to the water. I'm not sure these exist hardly any other place in Japan.

IMG_7379_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7385_2013 Nagano Trip

After exchanging another good morning with a local she directed me to a couple cutting up fish.

IMG_7388_2013 Nagano Trip

What was more surprising, the foreigner or the fact he came from Kochi by car?

IMG_7398_2013 Nagano Trip

I stood on what looked the top of castle wall and watched this man peering into the shallows with a large viewing piece. It's easy to lose yourself in the mind of the locals for a moment. Just that moment.

IMG_7405_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7418_2013 Nagano Trip

It's the biggest charm of the village.

IMG_7424_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7434_2013 Nagano Trip

Take my word for it. If you don't keep your bamboo mats dry you will regret it. However, what is the point of airing futons all the time in the sun? To kill mold? To freshen with UV?

IMG_7437_2013 Nagano Trip

Ine was truly a little treat I didn't plan to visit when I had conceived my trip. It's those things that awaken the smile in my heart. But it was time to push on for my view of the floating world. So we leave Ine here.

IMG_7426_2013 Nagano Trip

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