Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Glimpse of Kinosaki

After the wonderful day at the dunes and perusing the coastline I rolled into Kinosaki. Kinosaki is famous for its several onsens (hot springs). If I had been staying at a ryokan there I might have done what everyone else does. That is they wear yukata and sample all the onsens. Click clacking away in their geta. I felt a bit out of place by myself there. Maybe a bit lonely.

IMG_7294_2013 Nagano Trip

For the holiday it wasn't very busy. I was expecting many more people. My biggest problem was finding a place to eat. Most people eat at their inn. I felt a bit on the outside of it all.

IMG_7295_2013 Nagano Trip

Also a bit tired to take pictures. I had fired my camera like a machine gun for the better part of the day leaving me uninspired. I did eat something and I did enter an onsen. I was unimpressed however with the bath.

IMG_7296_2013 Nagano Trip

If I was with someone I wouldn't mind visiting again someday. It has a quaint charm to it. Then I remind myself I would rather be looking out over a valley in a rotenburo somewhere in the Japanese alps. I'm drawn to isolation but my heart says give me someone. What a contradiction I am.

IMG_7297_2013 Nagano Trip

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