Monday, May 20, 2013

To the Dunes

On my first day I groggily got up and shoved myself into the car about 5:30AM. Because I was going by local roads the journey would take long and I needed all the time I could get. I was really just being thrifty as usual but I enjoy what can be seen along the local roads. Somewhere past Okayama I found what you might call rapids. They barely passed. Well no they didn't pass.

IMG_7041_2013 Nagano Trip

I stretched my legs and watched for a few minutes before continuing on toward Tottori. There is no expressway directly to Tottori city. There is a newer road that is like a free expressway but I didn't bother to get on it even though it was free. Sometime around noon I made it to the sand dunes.

IMG_7048_2013 Nagano Trip

In typical fashion I found a much quieter spot to put my car so I could walk back along the beach. The booming crowds of Golden Week weren't going to mix well with my blood despite my mental preparation. In later days I just accepted the fact.

IMG_7049_2013 Nagano Trip

I love guide maps and Japan does them very well.

IMG_7052_2013 Nagano Trip

The Tottori sand dunes are the largest in Japan. I'm not sure where else sand dunes are though.

IMG_7055_2013 Nagano Trip

Tourism, tourism, tourism, TOURISM. This might be my Achilles heel when it comes to traveling. As much as I want to travel and see things, I don't really want to see anyone all that much. Yet, I think about how lonely the countryside seems sometimes and I want contact. Meaningful contact that lasts.

 IMG_7058_2013 Nagano Trip

We all are that person at heart, aren't we?

IMG_7063_2013 Nagano Trip

I made sure to walk far away from everyone else that day. I love how sand dunes put me an entirely different realm for a temporary period of time. Maybe I shouldn't over think the whole camel bit.

IMG_7080_2013 Nagano Trip

I'm very nostalgic for sand dunes. Sufjan Stevens did that to me more than any vacation ever did though.

IMG_7088_2013 Nagano Trip

If only I had a sled.

IMG_7090_2013 Nagano Trip

I wanted to hug that dog and throw a frisbee.

IMG_7092_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7108_2013 Nagano Trip

And to think hardly anyone walked out this far for the view. Shame.

IMG_7115_2013 Nagano Trip

Watching these older people playing with their planes was quite relaxing to me.

IMG_7126_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7127_2013 Nagano Trip

My shoes were full of sand.

IMG_7136_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7148_2013 Nagano Trip

Sand boarding. I waited for someone to fall but it never happened. I'm evil.

IMG_7152_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7166_2013 Nagano Trip

It's good to know plastic will always be there for us.

IMG_7163_2013 Nagano Trip

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