Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cooking and Eating Away My Time

It was tempting to go hiking early this morning but after being up till 2am I thought the better of it. My day was wasted away sitting under my kotatsu figuring out what to do. I was actually busy most of the afternoon cleaning my kitchen and preparing for my dinner. I decided to take another stab at the falafel burgers I made this past week. The main difference is that I substituted chickpeas for soy beans.

Falafel Burgers Round 2

The real winner, though, were the fresh flour tortillas that I used to wrap the burgers. Not overly difficult to make but some mild effort involved. I made the batch of them right before I cooked the burgers and kept them warm in the oven. Thicker than store bought ones but soft and a little chewy. Lightly blistered on both sides. This was my first time making tortillas and the result was wonderful. If I have the time I will be making these again. The biggest problem is that I can make 8 of these and eat them all. It's hard to resist things I make in the kitchen.

I also bought some salsa on Saturday which accompanied the sliced cabbage, tortillas, and burgers quite well. Not sure how I feel about the soy beans yet. I think I need to mash them more because I had too many whole pieces left.

I feel like the tortillas were the best part of my day. Now if I can just get a proper oven things will really heat up.

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Nancy said...

looks yummy! are tortillas common in japan or is that your spin on eating your soy burger? what's your tortilla recipe? as a christmas gift from the BOE, ask for a new oven! ha ha!

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