Monday, November 15, 2010

My Little Tripod

I received my new tripod last night. It is interesting that delivery services in Japan will come to your house at 6PM on a Sunday evening. In many circumstances Sunday is just another opportunity to work so maybe there isn't another choice. There is this creepy decrepit old lady delivery person that works around here. She wreaks of cigarettes and the years have not been kind to her saggy face. I'm not sure what company she is associated with but she lives somewhere around here because a couple weeks ago she invited me to come play volleyball. She told me there weren't many my age playing so it might be kind of weird for me. She is 74 years old herself. I'm wondering what the average age adds up to. My tripod was delivered by another company though so I didn't see this lady last night.

The Little One

I opted for a much smaller and compact model than I had originally planned. I wanted to be able to stick this tripod in my backpack so I wouldn't have to carry it in a separate bag. It is somewhere around 15 inches tall but it can extend to over 4 feet. The tripod is made of lightweight aluminum and plastic. This is perfect for going anywhere whether it is hiking or into the city. I love the fact I can stow it away without it being obvious I'm carrying it. The adjustable head even has a little bubble level on it. I figured it would be a little cheap feeling in some aspects but overall I'm very pleased. It was about time I upgraded from my sweatshirt and camera bag tripod combo I had been using.

Kochi Down Town

To cap things off, here is a shot of the main road through 高知市. There is the two track tram line in the center flanked by multiple lanes of cars on either side. The tram runs all the way to Ino so if I wanted I could catch a ride from there into the city. However, it's probably cheaper to just drive into the city and park than ride any train. The city was especially oppressive and terrible looking against the soulless gray sky. That is why I didn't take much else than this. Japanese cities are some of the most lifeless and dull places around in terms of architecture. Sometimes there are older homes and shops off on side roads that have a bit more character. In fact there is this odd apartment in the city that is the antithesis to boring. It has multiple levels, stairs, housing units, and shops. I'll give you a tour when I get some pictures.

Time for bed.

Thanks for the advice mom. I don't know if it will make me buy anything though, haha.


Brian said...

Mom's Know Best - LOL

Nancy said...

I love the title "My Little Tripod." Sounds like you have a new pet or a baby. Congratulations! How cute.

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