Monday, November 8, 2010

Deep Inside

At first I only followed
Because I felt so hollow
Years of searching
Only to feel my own scowl


A glimpse of your feet
Convinced we must meet
I knew not who you were
There was only a yearn

Riding crescendos of sorrow
To and from tomorrow
Did you fill my billows
Like the frowning willows

From complacent states
To passionate rage
Every ounce of emotion
Pressed with each rotation


Fleeting laughter no one got
My feeling cast to rot
Grasping at your smile
I adjourned my own trial


Always a few steps ahead
Any closer I couldn't tread
My attention still fixed
But nothing more than tricked


Why did you stop for me?
Was it just a reprieve?
Kept in close reach
Disparity peaked


In every nook
I found your look
Even in the most remote
My mind was rote


Into the depth of my soul
These paths continued to roll
Did you exist somewhere?
Were you ever there?


Up you ascended
Never a word did you say
Each of my thoughts laid away
You are just a dream
That I never did see

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