Monday, November 8, 2010

Dragging Monday by my Heels

I don't think Thanksgiving really makes much sense to kids but my lessons went fine with the elementary kids today. I love how when I show up at the kindergarten the teacher never knows I'm coming. This has happened pretty much every time I've gone. I've only been three times total but still, it's kind of like "oh you showed up so whatever plans we had will be postponed." Feels a bit awkward. I don't get the feeling, however, that I'm unwanted so that is good at least.

I had one English class at the junior high in the afternoon. I never know what to expect from the kids. They are out of their minds. Doped up on hormones everyday. I try to help regulate the class but everyone compounds the problems ten fold. It is near impossible to keep everyone calm. Oh well such is life.

The main reason for this posting is to give you direct links to my most recent photo collections.

- School field trip

- Rygado Cave

- Kanpuzan Hike

Or if you don't like this option just go to my page and then go through each photo one by one. As usual these are what I thought were some of the better pictures. After I take lots of pictures I upload them to the computer and then go through once and delete the worthless shorts. I go through a second time and pick out more sub-par photos. By the time I upload them to flickr the majority of them are half decent which equates to what you end up seeing. It serves no purpose to upload several hundred photos of poor to fair quality for everyone to see. You can go to facebook for that.

Okay time to go write a poem or something. I've got inspiration.

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