Monday, November 22, 2010

Falafel Burgers

Today we were off because of the school culture festival on Sunday. I made great use of this to sleep in and enjoy my warm blankets. I woke up to graphite lined clouds and periods of torrential rain. That basically canceled any plans to go into the mountains.

This left me a good opportunity to spend some time reading and researching. I recently have fallen into a pretty boring and mediocre dinner rut. I can't say I really mind though. I decided to look into some new recipes, meat free of course. I'm for all intents and purposes a dinner vegetarian you could say. If I'm not buying from the grocery store or I'm receiving food somewhere besides my home then I allow myself to partake of meat or fish. In the course of my search I found a delicious looking recipe for falafel burgers. It consists of chickpeas (garbanzo), onions, and a mixture of spices. This is then ground with some flour to form the patties.

In order to make some new dinners I desperately needed to fill my larder. It had been well over two weeks since I did a major shopping run. I didn't have anything to eat for breakfast and I skipped lunch in the process of going to the grocery store. The grocery store made me feel so hungry. I feel a little awkward pushing my cart around heaped full of food because people stare at me like I have broken rule 439 of the Japanese social code for super market shopping. But I stay away from cup noodles, frozen foods, most snacks, and other things I don't need. My cart is usually full of healthy and nutritious food so at least I don't look like a glutton so to speak.

It was close to 6pm by the time I got back. I threw all my ingredients together and fired up my stove. Took about three minutes to fry each side of the burgers. I then toasted some bread and put slices of Chinese cabbage on top. On the top of the cabbage went the patties followed by some tomato sauce that I found in my cupboard. I wish I had some salsa because that would probably be wonderful as well. I'll find some later.

Chickpea Burgers

These were so tasty and it was nice to eat something a bit different for a change. I'm going to make some fresh pitas in the next week to substitute for the bread. I might try to use soy beans instead of the chickpeas depending on what I can get more of for cheaper. I think the flavor would still be great. That is probably the only new thing I'll get around to making this week but hopefully this will make me try new things more and more.


Nancy said...

looks tasty. where do you get the big city? good to talk on sunday. thankful for days off, huh? :)

yoko said...

looks nice.
Making burgers with Tohu is now populer among the people who have a inclination for healthy things. Why dont you try it?

Are you still innterested in 焼き肉食べ放題 by the way? haha

blaine said...

Salsa can probably be acquired many places.

Yoko thanks for your comment! I will have to try with tofu, that is a great idea.

焼肉食べ放題 still sounds very very good ;D

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