Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking Class

The English club at a local middle school holds a cooking class during the summer break and because I went last year it was logical to expect I would go this year too. It's nice to break up the days being stuck in the office and doing something different. That doesn't mean it's all the better though. I think the cooking class, even though its run by the English club/teacher, is just an excuse to make food during the break when there isn't anything better to do. Well that's fine but we aren't really teaching or learning to make things. We just kind of make the food and people eat it.

The Japanese made somen (simple cold noodle dish) and the ALTs made meat loaf, rice crispy treats, and brownies. I enjoyed all of these quite a bit. Still, it was a bit boring to be there. The best part was just being with other Americans for part of the day. Being able to converse freely in person with someone from back home is always nice no matter how you look at it.

The English teacher at the middle school brought her two sons along. The youngest was quite the little ham. When I was mashing my meat loaf together and forming it into the loaf shape, he chimed in and said, "That looks like a brain! Are you going to cook a brain?" Not to let a good opportunity go to waste I responded, "Lets bake your brain! Muahaha!" He ran away terrified by my devilish words. He asked if I was a devil to which I replied no and stuck out my hand to shake his and say we were friends. As soon as I grabbed his hand and began to shake it, I then yelled, "I'm going to cook your brain now!" He threw himself into a ridiculous fit of scared merriment that made my insides glow with vibrant sunshine and happiness. Probably one of the best parts of the day.

Japanese girls can be unmercifully shy. How is this behavior so predominant? NO IDEA.

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