Sunday, August 28, 2011


Saturday was great fun. The lovely Natsumi came down to Kochi to hang out for the day. We only live about 1 hour and 30 minutes from each other so it would have been a shame to never meet. She will move to Tokyo soon and time was running out. Luckily she had time and things worked out. Excellent.

Tsunami Mama

I wasn't feeling the most trigger happy with my camera so didn't shoot much all day. I mostly wanted to take some pictures at Katsurahama. Natsumi and I managed to eat some delicious fish, see the little old Kochi castle, chow on some cheese cake, ride the trolley, hit the famous Katsuramaha beach, and then hauled ourselves to a waterfall. It rained on the way there but the skies opened long enough for us to walk 400 meters to the fall. It was great with the recent rain. i didn't carry my camera because of the rain and water. Another day but you have already seen this fall before. Natsumi suddenly was startled and I turned back to see her pointing out a snake along the path. I walked right over the little guy. Glad I didn't step on him and get a painful bite. At least it wasn't venomous. We even managed to finish up the evening with BLT sandwiches and two kinds of locally made ice cream, gelato salt and brown sugar ice cream, back at my house. Twas a wonderful day and I love the deep sleep because of it.

It was a bit of a somber day at Katsurahama as a kid fell into the water and drowned shortly before we got there. They never found the body and there is no way he could have survived the waves.


Looking west toward the other end of Kochi. You can't see but it keeps going south.


The salt spray suspended in the heat of the afternoon.


The shrine where the previous two pictures were taken from. You can see a firefighter posted looking for the boy on the rock below the shrine.


There is a giant statue of Kochi's most famous figure Sakamoto Ryoma but I didn't take a picture. I wonder why...

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. 2:30am departure from the house for sunrise at Torigata and then onward to waterfalls! That's if I wake up...

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