Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Study Attack Go!

As I sat browsing through the depths of the internet today. I checked out the sample test to be certified to teach Japanese as a foreign language. Compared to when I checked that in college I could notice a big difference in my comprehension of the reading portion. Still I need to really brush up on grammar usage and such. I even want to get back at writing kanji again. I've had this burst of desire before and then I let it go. I'll just try to reasonably approach writing kanji at a steady pace. I figure if someday I want to teach some legitimate Japanese I better make my studies count. I have all the time and I'm in the best country to make that happen. So here is to expanding my foundation of Japanese in not only reading but in written forms as well!

In other interesting news... the town office is out to capture a pesky monkey terrorizing the parking lot. That might be too strong of word but he was crawling on cars today from what I could see. They now have a big metal trap sitting in a garden out behind my house with some vegetables and fruit inside. The big problem is that the monkey can probably just reach through the cage and grab the goods. I can't wait to wake up and see a monkey caught. I would even be tempted to let it go just so I could see it get caught again. I'll get a picture of the trap tomorrow perhaps if it isn't too late.

10+ experience points to me for eating a whole box of cookies tonight.

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