Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To The Nakatsu!

It seems the most candid discussion I have with the English teacher at school involve subjects such as food, cats, and sleeping. I learned that it's quite expensive to keep so many cats. I also learned that it's normal to visit the animal hospital once a week and spend 300 dollars. You must really love those animals to fork over that dough every month. I don't see a smile though. She grimaces just mentioning the cost. Perhaps in over her head and can't off load the cats now. She is in a trap!

The weather forecast cooperated for once and it was nice in the afternoon. I trudge home through the thick air and ate my leftover chicken curry in the air conditioned living room. Somehow I didn't fall asleep and managed to get out into the wide and wonderful surroundings of my existence.

Monica had suggested I visit Nakatsu Valley about 30km from my house or so. It is a quaint valley with some nice boulders and a lively stream. There are also a number of statues along the path up the valley. I didn't take much care to look out for them. Statues hardly interest me. I loved this jolly guy with the fish though.

Jolly Fish Man

I enjoy the tendrils and vines of various plants that grow off the rock. This one was especially nice because of it's suspension.

Nature's Thread

The path up the valley goes back and forth a few times over the stream and along the sides. Not a very strenuous or the most interesting walk but peaceful and relaxing.

Nakatsu Valley

This is looking back down some of the path. I love places like this despite the human influence. But I also like going to a waterfall where there is no concrete path or stairs.

Nakatsu Valley Path 2

Just zig zagging up the valley.


Nearing the falls. The roar in this part begins to deafen the ears.


Rewarded greatly.


As I was turning to leave I felt something grabbing my leg... Some spirit none too happy for me to have traversed into the tranquil roar of its fall? But realized it was my water bottle falling out of my bag. It then fell to the canyon floor below and vanished. As Bear Grylls says water bottles are always useful and you can find them wherever you go. I just hope someone is in peril and can find good use for it...

Am I doing this right? Yeah totally.

Am I Doing This Right?

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