Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lonely Monkey Traps

Unfortunately the monkey still has not been caught. I think they need to relocate the trap and trying something else. I wouldn't be fooled walking into that rusty old contraption. You always see in movies how animals are so clever not to get caught in traps. Do they really think like that in the real world? Obviously some don't as they will succumb to such devices. Are others smarter than the traps? I don't think they will ever catch that monkey. If they do I'm afraid to even go near a monkey in a small cage. Poop being flung in the face does not sound appealing.

Last night I made brownies and bagels. The brownies were tasty as usual. I've worked out a pretty solid recipe for those. The bagels on the other hand need some perfecting. I want a thick solid inside with a crispy outside. What I got last night was something like that except in the morning the outside was soft and kind of soggy. What is the secret to a delicious bagel? I guess I will have to push deeper to solve the mystery. I'm slowly discovering the secrets of my oven. I was a bit troubled when I made pizza for the first time and it didn't cook anywhere close to what I wanted. On the other hand, the oven is really nice once you figure out the proper baking temperatures and times.

I finally destroyed the impending doom of flashcards piling up against my back. All 1,740 of them finished. Only took me about 4 days and some mental lock down but I did it. I think I should get a book to help study grammar for the N2 Japanese proficiency exam as well as some vocabulary. Kanji wise I think I could probably pass fine in that aspect. Really feels great to have some learning gains that you can clearly see.

With money finally sent back home I can begin looking at a new camera lens. 10-22mm wide angle? Yes please.

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