Saturday, December 10, 2011


What a perfectly lazy day. I didn't go anywhere or do much. I shot a handful of pictures with my new camera acquisition in hopes of figuring out the settings. In due time I can see the results. For now I just imagine. I wasn't going to let the day amount to nothing though so I pulled out my cookbook and set to work.

Following along in my book the next recipe was Casatiello which is an Italian version of brioche with little bits of cheese and meat strewn throughout the bread. Last week I picked up some cheap salami sticks at the dollar store. These actually taste pretty good and I enjoy eating them. I figured they would work well in the bread as opposed to paying for an expensive salami log. I chose mozzarella but provolone might be a good choice because it has a smokey flavor.

The recipe called for buttermilk but supposedly adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to regular milk has the same effect. Buttermilk isn't really thick or creamy. It's acidic. The vinegar helps to make a suitable substitution. There was also a 3/4 cup of butter in this recipe that made it very rich. In the middle of mixing the dough my computer shut off and my kindle battery was dead so I didn't know how to proceed. I had to start my car up and attach the kindle to the car charger adapter with a USB slot. But in the course of doing that my computer finally turned back on and everything went according to plan. After several hours of work, waiting, and more waiting, the bread was finished.

Casatiello Loaf

The little black nodules are cubes of salami. I really should have bought more salami or added some bacon.

Casatiello Slice

Oooh you can see the shiny cheese sleeping in the spongy structure of the slice. The cheese oozed out of the loaf while baking and turned rather dark. This made a slight burnt smell emanate from the oven. However, the end result was fantastic.

Casatiello Closeup

Yeah you wish you could get your mouth on that don't you? Well I'll be all over it. The bread is soft, rich, and flavorful with the cheese and salami. Next time I will try new cheese and maybe two kinds of meat such as bacon and salami. Another success in the bread baking hobby department.

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