Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rounded Out

Finally got a replacement for my old, non functioning, Canon A620 camera. I loved that camera but broke it trying to clean the lens before coming to Japan. I bought another used one but that was a piece of junk. It has eventually stopped working and I never even used it much. I love my DSLR and never regret buying it. However, sometimes I don't want to take it along if I go shopping or something. In those times I might come across something I want to shoot but won't have my camera. Now I have a camera that can go anywhere with me.

Buying digital cameras is a mind boggling task. If you take time to read reviews you will be swamped with information and differences. Most cameras will do almost everything well. Yet, finding one that hits all the best points without sacrificing other things is always hard. I like to make very informed purchases so buying is an excruciating process.

Canon Powershot S90

The Canon Powershot S90 is a great little camera. Packed full of features. It's newer siblings the S95 and S100 are 150 and 250 dollars more expensive though. I figured that I would get one used and save myself a great deal of money. Took a while and waiting to find the right price. I'm glad it worked out finally. I will take this little thing and the Pen D along with me for my winter trip.

I think I'm set now. Yes, for now...

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