Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me

The scanner I purchased on Yahoo auctions came today. I don't think I will regret this purchase at all. I was going to get any old scanner because I was going to build a light box with silver paper and card stock to scan negatives. But I then came across the listing for this Canon 5400F scanner. It had the lamp in the lid and trays for dedicated slide/negative scanning. I made sure I won that auction. There were countless other auctions for scanners. Yet, many were listed as junk or the seller only tested the power supply. That seems far too risky to bid and hope for the best. Anyway, its a 2005 model but does the job perfectly.

Now I can liberally shoot with my Pen D, get any film developed, and digitize with ease. I like the whole process. Another great learning opportunity for me. I'll probably be forever messing with an menagerie of hobbies and interests. All for the best. I'll be getting around to putting up some other pictures from my Pen later on. For now you can take a look at the following, which you probably have seen already anyway. It's just a historical record for the blog.


Might want to drop down to the previous post and laugh at how terrible my other negative capturing system was. You really should do that. Laugh. Next time you should be in love with my pictures. Really, you don't have to though. I'll still love you.

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