Monday, December 12, 2011

Out for a Waltz

I wanted to go for a long walk today. So I gathered up all my gear and essentials. I planned to hike over the mountain following an old overgrown forestry road that was not passable by car. The only problem is that by the time I walked up a lengthy portion of the road, I realized I was on the wrong one. Somewhat defeated and not very inclined to walk all the way over to the other one and proceed, I just sauntered on back toward my house. I took quite a few pictures with the Pen D and can't wait to see how those look. I also finally took a picture of the gingko outside the school. It rests up against a sugi tree that is rust colored so the contrast is lovely.

The Lovely Tree

I also learned that from now on it would be wise not to stack a polarizing filter over a UV filter as it will create black vignetting at the corners wide open. Live and learn. I love looking at this tree whenever I go to school. It brightens up my day and quite literally everything around it. Last year across the river at the high school they butchered a gingko and it looks terrible now. I have no idea why did it. It was such a crime. I don't think this one will be touched any time soon except maybe those that want to hug its endearing trunk.

I came across this other photo from a few weeks back and thought it was worthwhile to share. Just a nice carpet of maple leaves.

Leaf Carpet

That should be all for now. I hope to get my Pen D film developed this week and see the atrocities. Always hope for a few gems though!

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Kav P said...

Those autumn (not fall) photos are absolutely gorgeous. Great shots!

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